About Us

Here at Haynes Kennels we raise Mt. Treeing Feist. Our heart first is to continue to enjoy and hunt this great breed of dogs as long as we can as the good Lord permits us to. We also look forwards to raising pups and breeding to continue our blood line with close line breeding of the dogs that we have chosen.

First off I would like to say thanks to Mack Ledbetter who not only blessed me with some great dogs but was a great help when I called to inquire about finding the right blood line to get started on raising these little squirrel haters. After researching for quite a while and talking to some of the breeders on the internet, I decided to try to get some of the old Kemmer blood line and the widely recognized Sport dog blood. Mr. Robert Kemmer told me of a man down in Alabama who he thought had some of the Kemmer feist left as he did not raise the Feist any more but the Kemmer Hybrids. Which led me to Lost Creek Kennels which at that time was Mack Ledbetter and Delane Widner. Mack has now retired and I just wanted to say Thanks for the kindness and great dogs Mack and Delane.

Also, the Good Lord has blessed me from that time on to direct me to meet some really good people who have been a pleasure to meet and who have been a friend. I would like to thank Jack Buckley for his support and for selling me one of his crosses from his kennels. You can’t go wrong with a Buckley Mt. Feist. We will be out crossing here at Haynes Kennel with these Buckley Mt. Feist which I think has the best of both worlds with Sport breed, Kemmer and Buckley Feist. We plan to enlarge our Buckley Feist line here in Ga. very soon as we continue to pursue these impressive Mt. Feist Dogs from Jack’s Greytail Kennel Blood.

My thanks to Christine McDaniel for selling us our Bench Legged little giants who are out of the Ropers Rowdy Dog line, Peanut Beaty and George Cauley line which have blood lines that date back to many years of breeding these little dogs. After meeting the late Lavan McDaniel and his passion for these little dogs, it was an honor to go and get one of these Feists from Christine. These little dogs are small in size but huge in heart and hunt like no other dogs that I have seen. Thanks Christine for not giving up on these dogs after your loss of Lavan. Hopefully we can help you do him proud.

And Brother Joey Seabolt who not only has great dogs but a Minister who really cares and will take the time to talk when you need a brother to up lift you. His encouragement helped me to not quit when I was down and through some losses of some Family Loved Ones. Thanks JHawk.

But most of all thanks to my wife, Penny Haynes, who has supported me and helped me through thick and thin when no one else was there and my Lord and Savior who is the Blessing behind it all.

John 3:16 ” For God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ that whosoever believeth in Him should not parish but have everlasting life”.



Ronnie Haynes is owner of Haynes Kennels, located in Cherokee County, GA.

You can call Ronnie at 770-833-7143.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 328, Holly Springs, GA 30142-0006